Hall's Harbour Observatory,   Hall's Harbour, NS

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17-Nov-2018, 13:26 AST 17-Nov-2018, 17:26 UTC

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M42, The Great Orion NebulaNGC7380 - Wizard NebulaNGC7380 - Wizard NebulaIC5146 / C-19 Cocoon NebulaSh2-188, Dolphin NebulaSh2-101, Tulip NebulaHerschel's Garnet Star (mu Ceph)M31, Andromeda GalaxyIC1396 Elephant Trunk NebulaSh2-54, NGC6604 and the Nested Egg nebulaIC1396 Elephant Trunk NebulaNGC 7331 and Stephan's QuintetC-9, the Cave NebulaNGC 6888, the Crescent NebulaNGC 6946, the Fireworks GalaxyM17 - The Omega NebulaBZQ J1424+2256 QuasarNGC7000, the North America NebulaCopernicus craterM27 - The Dumbell NebulaQSO 0957+561 Twin Quasar3C 273 QuasarNGC 6820 Emission NebulaM56 Globular CLusterM87The Zodiacal LightIC434, the Horsehead NebulaRupes Recta, the Straight WallJupiter, Great Red Spot

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