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17-Nov-2018, 13:05 AST 17-Nov-2018, 17:05 UTC

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Messier Catalogue objects

All images copyright © 1997-2018 by Kathleen Walker
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M92 globular cluster M-92 
M20 Trifid Nebula M-20 
M13 globular cluster in Hercules M-13 
M-81 spiral galaxy M-81 
M-109 Barred spiral galaxy M-109 
M1, The Crab Nebula M-1 
M-33 Triangulum Galaxy M-33 
M-8 Lagoon Nebula M-8 
M66 and supernova SN2016cok M-66 
M104, the Sombrero Galaxy M-104 
M97, the Owl Nebula M-97 
M65, M66, NGC 3628, the Leo Triplet M-65
M86 et al, Markarian's Chain M-86 
M42, The Great Orion Nebula M-42
M31, Andromeda Galaxy M-31
M17 - The Omega Nebula M-17 
M27 - The Dumbell Nebula M-27 
M56 Globular CLuster M-56 
M87 M-87 
M-74 with Supernova SN2013ej M-74 
M-20, The Trifid Nebula M-20 
M-16, The Eagle Nebula M-16 
M51 M-51 
M33 Triangulum Galaxy M-33 
M106 M-106 
M57 Ring Nebula M-57 
M100 galaxy and NGC4312 M-100 
M64, Black Eye galaxy M-64 
M92 globular cluster M-92 
M51, Whirlpool Galaxy M-51 
Leo Triplet (M65 M66 NGC3628) M-65
M95 and SN2012aw M-95 
M97, the Owl Nebula, and M108 galaxy M-97
M81 and M82, Bode's Galaxies M-81
M42, the Great orion Nebula M-42
M1, The Crab Nebula M-1 
M45, The Pleiades M-45 
M31, the Andromeda Galaxy M-31
M101 and SN2011fe M-101 
Comet C/2009 P1 (Garradd) and M71 M-71 
M51 and Supernova SN 2011dh M-51 
M13 globular cluster in Hercules M-13 
M3 globular cluster M-3 
M42 Orion Nebula M-42 

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