Hall's Harbour, NS
26-Aug-2017, 10:32 ADT
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26-Aug-2017, 13:32 UTC

A torrential downpour on Aug 23rd damaged several instruments. I have managed to replace the main temperature/humidity sensor. The UVI sensor is dead, and the solar radiation sensor and rain gauge are unreachable. The wind speed sensor is unreliable, and the wind direction sensor has been out of action for a long time.

Unfortunately, the instruments are not replaceable, as the builder is no longer in business. It may be time for a new weather station. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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A random astrophotograph from Hall's Harbour Observatory
Perseid meteor

About Hall's Harbour Observatory

Hall's Harbour Observatory is a private amateur observatory located in Hall's Harbour, NS. Its primary purpose is for me to have fun taking pictures of the night sky. Please note that it is not open to the public.

My objective is to take advantage of favourable weather, even if unexpected, and start taking astro images on a moment's notice, preferably without leaving the house. In order to do that, I need a fully automatic observatory. Reaching that goal is taking a bit longer than I had hoped, but I am close to it, and progress is ongoing. The entire operation, from startup, through imaging, to shut down will soon be controlled at the click of a mouse.

The observatory was originally located in St. Bernard, NS, under the name 'Baie Ste. Marie Observatory'. It was built in three months, in the summer of 2013. In June, 2015, it was relocated to Hall's Harbour, NS.

The dome automation project is nearing completion. I still have some enhancements to make to it to improve its accuracy and reliability.


Current view of Hall's Harbour Observatory
Current view from Hall's Harbour Observatory

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