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NGC 7331 and Stephan's Quintet, 2-Sep-2011

17-Nov-2018, 13:38 AST 17-Nov-2018, 17:38 UTC

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NGC 7331 and Stephan's Quintet

Image Date: 2-Sep-2011
Scope: Orion 200mm Astrograph, f/4
Mount: HEQ5
Guiding: none
Imaging Camera: Canon 350D (modified)
ISO: 1600
Frames: 46 @ 1m0s
Total Exposure: 45m26s
Processing: DSS, Photoshop
Distance: 40 Mly (7331 and Deer Lick group); 300 Mly (Stephan's)

The intended subject was spiral galaxy NGC 7331, but, by happy coincidence, Stephan's Quintet were in the same frame.