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M27 - The Dumbell Nebula, 1-Jun-2014

21-Oct-2018, 07:29 ADT 21-Oct-2018, 10:29 UTC

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M27 - The Dumbell Nebula

Image Date: 1-Jun-2014
Scope: Orion 200mm Astrograph, f/4
Mount: HEQ5
Guiding: KWIQ/QHY5 / PHD
Imaging Camera: Atik 383L+
Frames: 4x 10m Ha; 4x5m L,R,G,B
Total Exposure: 2h
Processing: PixInsight
Distance: 1360 ly
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This image won second place in the 2014 Nova East astrophotography contest, and first place in the quarterly astrophotography contest (2014Q2, DSO category) at astronomyforums.net.